reasons not to binge♥♥

12. april 2016 at 15:49 | Reya |  ana tips

1. because eating will set you back. it will only take longer for you to become skinny.
2. is it really worth the guilt & self hate? when skipping that meal will make you feel 10x better in about 10 minutes.
3. skinny thighs, in everything.
- skinny jeans.
- skirts.
- sitting, standing, & laying.
4. a flat stomach.
- laying, sitting, & standing.
- bikini tops.
- crop tops.
- tank tops.
- sports bras.
5. collarbones.
- necklaces.
- v.neck shirts.
6. tiny wrists.
- bracelets.
7. tiny arms.
- baggy shirts.
- to be able to wrap your fingers around most of your forearm.
8. narrow face.
- defined cheekbones.
- defined jawline.
9. tiny neck.
- neck lines, showing you lost weight.
10. concerned looks/complements.
- have you ate today?
- wow, you've lost weight.
- wow, you're getting really tiny.
11. bony fingers.
- rings.
12. ribs.
- to be able to lay & see them.
- to be able to turn a certain way & see them.
- to be able to see them in general.
13. to feel in control.
- to be able to say "no" to someone offering food.
14. to see the number on the scale go down little by little.
15. to experience reaching your goal weight. how good it will feel.
16. to not be the fat friend anymore.
17. to be able to wear a bikini this year & rock it.
18. to be able to wear leggings & see my thigh gap.
19. to be able to wrap my hands around the side of my waist.
20. to finally be happy.
it takes time. be patient.
- waisted thin.


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